January and February 2020

Plastic is one of the biggest polluting threats of our ocean, since it floats and forms true islands of garbage. During the Summer we will be present in different beaches of Arica, carrying out activities to raise awareness about this problem and teach about the different types of plastic and their feasibility of recycling.

Types of plastics.

There are 7 types of plastic, which are identified with a number from 1 to 7. Of these, only some can be recycled.
The recycling process is different for each type of plastic, so it is necessary to separate them before depositing them at a recycling point.

Together we can prevent the plastic from reaching the ocean.

Do not throw the plastic, it is better to help us to recycle, separate the plastic according to its type and deposit it in the nearest recycling container. Follow us on our social networks and be part of the solution, get involved.


Do you want to know more?

Plastic affects our entire ecosystem and never disappears.