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Let’s take care of our turtles


September 1st, 2018

Its mouth is the habitat of sea turtles that are currently in danger of extinction.

On September 1, around 250 volunteers participated in a cleanup activity at the mouth of the San José River, a habitat for sea turtles that are currently in danger of extinction. In the place was collected 15 m3 of garbage and plastic, coming from the course of the river when going through the city of Arica

«In Arica the river is taking garbage to the sea from the mountain, and people, before it reaches the sea, are struggling to clean the rivers of plastic so that it does not get to the bottom. The way most of the waste reaches the seas is through the rivers of populated areas. «

– Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research Foundation oceanographer, during his visit to Chile on a research cruise about the South Pacific Plastic Vortex. (La Tercera, 29/01/2017)

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