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Rodrigo Naranjo

NGO “Arica Marine Turtles” Volunteer

“The impact is very positive, really, because it makes awareness in our society, in our community, about everything that has to do with the cleanliness of our ocean. Olas Zero Plastic is very well related to what is happening nowadays in the world and in the oceans. It is our responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans today … in the Chinchorro coast there lives one of the only colonies of turtles in Chile, the green turtles of the Pacific. We must take care of them, protect them, because all these plastics are a direct damage to their health”.

Camila Riquelme


“I think it’s important to clean the beaches because that trash later goes to the animals, most of them die and our planet needs them. In addition, some go to the sea, to other animals that we eat after, and also harm us. After all, the garbage that we throw affects us and affects the planet”.

Alejandra Correa

Golden Omega Volunteer

“It is important to clean the beaches of Arica because it helps us all to become aware, it has been an enriching experience … the truth is that we can do important human work. This does not end here, this must continue. I feel proud to belong to Golden Omega, it is a privilege to work at a company that cares about the environment”.

Teobaldo Pastene

Hunting and Fishing Association of Arica Volunteer

“The importance of keeping the beaches clean is more than anything for the future of our children, grandchildren, who will be the ones that will take advantage of the beaches; and for our work, because our resource is the sea…it is one of the reasons that leads us to cooperate in this initiative to which we have been invited”.

Germán Catalán

4° Arica Fire Company Volunteer

«The important thing of this initiative is to generate an awareness in the community, for the maintenance and good care of our places of recreation … not to generate pollutants into our river which causes great deterioration of the environment».

Santiago Stevenson

Golden Omega Volunteer

“It is important to clean the beaches of Arica because this is actually a job that will continue for our grandchildren, in the near future, so they can enjoy the same thing that we enjoy today, this wonderful sanctuary of nature, and that is very important for the community. Create this awareness of being able to keep all public environments clean and achieve much welfare for the community, that is basically what we want”.

Julián Meza


“I want the little fish to have a clean home, that’s why we have to pick up the garbage”.

Jorge Brahm

Golden Omega Managing Director

“Plastic is a material invented by the human being which the Earth is not able to digest”. More than a third of the plastic utilized daily is used only once and then disposed of.
We are launching this campaign whose purpose is to educate and raise awareness among the population of Arica, particularly the young people”.

Claudio Aracena

Golden Omega Commercial Director

“Our goal is to educate in schools, universities and to ultimately commit the entire community to support us in this initiative of cleaning the beaches of Arica from plastic pollution”.

Pamela Sankan

Golden Omega Volunteer

“It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the ecosystem for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come”.

Iván Verdejo

Golden Omega Volunteer

“We need to be responsible and bring our own bag, pick up the waste that we generate when we are on the beach and dispose of it properly. (With everyone’s help) a very clean coastal sector will be created”.